Rachel was a competitive gymnast growing up. She began weight training in high school as part of physical therapy for a knee injury. Her nagging knee problems put an end to her gymnastics career but sparked her love of lifting weights and working out. Lifting became an outlet. It kept her strong and limber enough to do other activities she enjoyed such as skiing, karate and football.

Rachel spent the summer of 2008 doing rehab for a broken hand and a 5th ACL reconstruction. As fall approached she commented to a friend about her frustration with her workouts. A friend talked her into training for a competition and introduced her to some trainers and show promoters that showed her the ropes. From there she scoured the internet for diets and lifting routines geared toward competitors. She entered her first competition in May of 2009; the OCB Eastern Regionals, did pretty well, had a great time and was hooked. Within two months she competed in two more competitions: The INBF Natural North America and The INBF Barbados Grand Prix and earned her pro card in Figure, Fit Body and Bodybuilding in the WNBF.

In the fall, Rachel qualified for national NPC shows. She decided to compete in the NPC National Figure Championships in Hollywood, FL at the end of November. Almost as an afterthought she decided to enter the 2009 Yorton Cup IFPA World Championships to help prepare herself for NPC Nationals a week later. To her surprise, she won the Yorton Cup in her very first pro show. She also went on to win the Yorton Cup again in 2010.

In 2010, she competed in figure in national NPC shows, a highlight of which was competing in the 2011 Arnold Amateur Classic with Kate Grevey Blankenship. In 2011 Rachel hung up her figure heels and switched to the new NPC Women’s Physique Division. She competed in four national shows and just missed earning her pro card each time. Needless to say, Rachel continues to work towards getting her IFBB pro card.

Rachel’s philosophy is that you compete against yourself. You have no control over who is judging, what the judges are looking for and who shows up to compete. You are the only constant amongst all of the variables. You need to be confident in the package that you bring to the stage. If you have dieted, trained and conditioned yourself to the best of your ability then you’ve already won and if the judges happen to agree then that is just icing on the cake!

Rachel was a school teacher for over 17 years, teaching gifted, dyslexic students. She left the classroom to become a private, academic tutor and personal trainer. She enjoys working with children and adults alike. She is glad to finally be able to follow her passion of exercise and healthy eating and share it with others. It is good to work towards a goal but you need to enjoy the process. Don’t always focus on what you want to lose (weight, inches, dress sizes) but celebrate what you can gain like strength, flexibility, self-confidence, stamina and lean muscle mass. Being healthy isn’t a workout program it is a lifestyle. She lives what she does and loves it!