Kate Grevey Blankenship is a Clinical Sports Lab sponsored athlete and part of the GGS (Girl Gone Strong) community.  Her passion is rooted in fitness and has been in the industry since 2001!  Constantly growing and staying on the forefront of fitness science and knowledge studying under Fitness Guru Nick Tumminello. She is fueled by empowering ALL women which includes, expectant and new mothers, to gain control of their bodies through pre and post natal fitness; all the way down the line to figure athlete looking to push their bodies beyond what is comfortable. As a mother of two young, gorgeous girls herself, Kate understands a women's changing body can be a very challenging time and adjustment for women.

Kate is a professional figure competitor for IFPA and NPC National level athlete. After years of accumulating experience, she also has a growing business and clientele in the Fitness / Figure community. Kate works hard to help her clients achieve a stage ready physique, a functional athletic approach and most important, provide a support system.

What drives Kate's work is her passion to help women gain control of their bodies, to feel strong and to feel proud of themselves. She aspires to lead by example as a strong, well rounded athlete, mother and woman herself.