This weeks Leg Workout - Part 2

That is right, I train legs 2x per week.  Once with a quad focus and once with a ham focus....if you wanna know why, just ask!

  1. Weighted Hip Bridges ( )

1x Warm up 15-20 reps

4x 10-12

    2."40s" - Leg Press - increase weight with each set

3x - 10 high and wide feet

       10 high and narrow feet

       20 Low and narrow pulse (driving thru heels, pulse 4-5inches)


   3.  High Step Ups (1 leg at a time) 

3x 10 each leg


   4.  Reverse Hack Squat

16, 12, 10, 8, 8 Reps

   5.  Standing Single Leg Curls HS

4x 10per legs (SS, back and forth no rest)


This is what I did!! Give it a Whirl and leg me know how it goes!!

*Work Smarter Not Harder*