Prepping for Prep

Happy Almost-Time to start Prepping for a Summer Show!


Show date is picked out! Countdown of weeks has begun! Now what?! If you are under 12 weeks you know whats up but what if you are more then 12 weeks out and its not time to start "real prep" yet?!

After the holidays come and go and we start to balance out with the holiday parties and eating, many find themselves in this predicament.  I say this with 12 years experience doing it myself and as a coach.  I will speak for myself here; I find myself done with the holiday weight gain and look towards a show to get the pounds off or even a mini diet.  For many many years I did NPC Jr. USA, where I would need to start prep right after Valentines days for a show the 3rd weekend in May.  I wonder do I: a) Eat as much as I can or want because I am going to go into a state of deprecation for 3 months OR b) start taking out the extras so the impact of the diet isn't so harsh?  What is your choice to be?

I (promise) I have gone full tilt on both ends!  What I have, inevitably, found is that BOTH are kind of accurate.  My best results have come from increasing my calories from week 16 down to week 12, those are clean calories by the way.  I use macros when competing so I will use an example from macro based dieting.  Say, I am 140lbs on stage and 153lbs in the off season and I use a 12 week prep ( i advocate for more prep time if you have more to loose) my off season macros will look something like 170 protein/ 220 carb / 45 fats with a "free meal" once or twice a week (after all it's off season!). At 16 weeks out, I will increase my carbs and fats, keep protein the same or decrease.  So for 4 weeks I will increase my overall calories by about 1/4, the break down will be something like 170/260/55 (loosely), "free meals" will be eliminated but I also wont want them because I will be more full.  See where I am going with this?  How many preps are started and it takes a few weeks just to get your head in the game?  I have also found on several occasions when I have done this I have lost a pound or 2.  The 2 biggest benefits to this approach are: 1) Once the body/metabolism adjusts to higher calories, less will have to be taken during the prep process (if you have a good coach) to get desired show appearance 2) Head will already be in the game and adjusted to schedule and foods, as mentioned, so its smooth sailing NOT starving from there.

The same approach can work if you are just doing a mini cut for the spring and summer, just in a smaller time frame.  Take 2-3 weeks to increase clean food choices so as to not induce bingeing. At which point, take calories back to a manageable level.

I find the "hard and fast" approach to shedding pounds to be the least successful and the most unhealthy.  If hard work has been put in the off season the last thing you want to do is loose dem gainzzzzzzz!

Hope the was helpful and feel free to reach out with any questions as this is an unconventional approach.

Shoulder Burnout

Want to torch your Shoulder and Burn Fat?

After a great shoulder (or any workout for that matter) Rope Jacks are a great way to burn out and torch fat.


20 seconds of jacks

10 seconds of rest


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This weeks Leg Workout - Part 2

That is right, I train legs 2x per week.  Once with a quad focus and once with a ham focus....if you wanna know why, just ask!

  1. Weighted Hip Bridges ( )

1x Warm up 15-20 reps

4x 10-12

    2."40s" - Leg Press - increase weight with each set

3x - 10 high and wide feet

       10 high and narrow feet

       20 Low and narrow pulse (driving thru heels, pulse 4-5inches)


   3.  High Step Ups (1 leg at a time) 

3x 10 each leg


   4.  Reverse Hack Squat

16, 12, 10, 8, 8 Reps

   5.  Standing Single Leg Curls HS

4x 10per legs (SS, back and forth no rest)


This is what I did!! Give it a Whirl and leg me know how it goes!!

*Work Smarter Not Harder*


This Weeks Leg Workout - Part 1

Here it is !  I want to start sharing my training journal with ya' legs were SORE SORE SORE

1 -Ass to Ankle Squats - Increase weight with each set

2x warm up 12-15 reps

3x 8-10 (10, 8, 8 is what I did)

2 -Lunge and Return - with a barbell

1x warm up 24 total (12 each side)

3x 20 (10 each side) Increase weight with each set

3- Single Leg Extensions - 30 sec rest between each leg each set

4x 8-10 (10,10,8,8, increased weight and rest on last 2) 

4- Deadlifts (in hammer strength shrug machine standing very far forward)

4x 6-10rep (10, 8, 8, 6) increase weigh until last 2 sets

5- Lying leg curls SS with donkey kick backs

3x 10 each leg (little to no rest between all the legs and sets)


Thanks to Nick Tumminnello, I call the last super set exercise a FO SHO .  Your legs will be toast FO SHO

Happy Training!  Work Smarter Not Harder


Looking down the barrell of Spring Season 2014 - Posing Class

I hope that you have had a great improvement season!!  I can't wait to see all of those pounds of fat shed to see the diamond underneath! 

I know that I have been working (and eating) day in and day out to improve my package from last season.    I have added some volume to my training and have added a ton of clean food.  Currently I am eating about 160gram of Protein, 35g of Fat and 250g of Carbohydrates per day.  Up until about a month ago I had only gained 7lbs off my stage weight.  I wanted to have a little extra to loose and give myself a little extra freedom for the last month of my improvements season so I added an extra "free meal" each week and gained another 3 lbs.  I pride myself on finally getting the hang of not gaining too much weight and going too crazy when I don't have a show on the horizon.   I can't tell you how much easier it is not to change my eating too much over the year.  If I never get out of the routine I never have to get back into the routine of eating clean and often EVERYDAY.  I can't even stomach desserts or fried foods anymore!! That took a long time to change my taste buds but boy is it worth it,  I LOVE every meal I eat. 

As I begin to start my prep for NPC Jr. USA on May 24th my stress is low.  I know I can do it!  I can visualize myself on stage having revealed my hard work, with a trophy in my hand.  I was awarded 4th place in the show last year and hope to blow that out of the water.  I can smell that IFBB Pro card this season.   

I will be working on my presentation and hope you will allow me and Rachel to help you work on yours!!  Our 1st posing class will be on Sunday February 23rd at Merritt Athletic Clubs on Cranbrook Rd in Cockeysville MD.  We will be helping girls get geared up for the NPC show on March 22 at Goucher College in Towson MD, the OCB show in Bowie MD April 12 and April 19th in Parkville MD.

We will then be holding classes on a regular basis (weekly or bi-weekly) to continue to follow up and tune up your presentation!  To RSVP just go to our SHOP page and purchase a Posing Class or Package

WELCOME BACK!  I can't wait to see you!  Send along any questions you may have.

*Work Smarter Not Harder* 


We are just about done with 2013 and we ended our RKBfit season with a bang!  In the last show of the year client Linase completed her 1st ever Figure competition and won 1st place!  With only 9 weeks of preparation she nailed it and we are so proud!

Kate, finished out the season at the NPC Nationals in Fort Lauderdale FL and placed 6th of 37 competitors.  With 5 shows under her belt this season placing from 1st-6th, it almost couldn't have been better. 

Mid-way through the off season all the RKBfit girls are working hard to make improvements to get back on the stage in 2014 looking better than ever! Please contact us if you are interested in looking better than you have ever looked!!  Keep your eye out starting in April at OCB Eastern Regionals for clients and Kate will be back on stage May 24th at the NPC Jr. USAs and Rachel is picking a show for the Spring as well...stay tuned